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June 2016

Evangelos Panos' paper on The role of domestic biomass in electricity, heat and grid balancing markets in Switzerland has been accepted for publication in the Energy journal.

As part of the INSIGHT_E consortium, PSI's Energy Economics Group provided a webinar on hydrogen and fuel cells in stationary energy applications (Speakers: Kathrin Volkart and Martin Densing). The Microsoft Excel merit ranking tool presented in the webinar can be downloaded here. The full policy report on the topic will be published shortly.

The INSIGHT-E policy report on Business models for flexible production and storage has been published. The European Swiss TIMES Electricity model (EUSTEM) developed by PSI's Energy Economics Group was used to asses the role of electricity storage in Europe in the medium- to long-term future.

The INSIGHT_E consortium (Grant Agreement number 612743) is an energy think-tank of the European Commission.

May 2016

Rajesh Pattupara and Kannan Ramachandran's paper on Alternative long term electricity supply for Switzerland and its neighbouring counties will be published shortly. Key findings are: 1) Achieving CO2 mitigation at the European scale would be cost optimal than at the national level. 2) CCS technology is indispensable for the achievement of climate mitigation goals. 3) Non-nuclear supply options would increase the cost of electricity supply.

The full paper is now available online.

April 2016

Dr. Tom Kober joined the group as the new Group Leader.

March 2016

Kannan Ramachandran and Hal Turton's paper on Long term climate change mitigation scenario for Switzerland has been published. Key findings include: 1) Swiss final energy demand continues to decrease but electricity demand increases. 2) Electrification of heating and e-mobility contribute to a significant CO2 emission reduction though it shifts some CO2 to the electricity sector.

The paper is now available in the Energy Economics journal. The Full report is also available for download.

February 2016

A fully working version of the European Swiss TIMES Electricity Model (EUSTEM) is now available at EEG. The model covers 95% of the total electricity generation of EU-28+ Switzerland and Norway.

January 2016

Rajesh Pattupara successfully defended his PhD thesis titled Long Term Evolution of the Swiss Electricity System under a European Electricity Market in January 2016.

The full thesis is now available online.