25. Juni 2020
new SPTS Rapier system unpacked

A new etcher is just unpacked!

TOMCAT has a new etcher tool for the fabrication of very high aspect ratio gratings in silicon. The new SPTS Rapier system for silicon deep reactive ion etching just arrived and unpacked from the crate in front of the Laboratory of Micro and Nanotechnology at PSI! We thank the LMN technical staff for the support and the great job of moving in!

15. Juni 2020
Dual phase grating interferometer

How to correct beam hardening effects in dual phase grating interferometry?

Researchers at the X-ray tomography group have expanded the theoretical understanding of dual phase grating interferometry with polychromatic sources. As a result, beam hardening effects can be corrected and a real space correlation function of a sample can be retrieved in dark-field imaging. These are significant steps towards application of the method for the quantitative investigation of microstructures of materials and devices using dual phase grating interferometry. The results of the work were published in Optics Express on June 12, 2020.  

1. April 2020
Tensor tomography images of a crocodile tooth.

Rapid 3D directional small-angle scattering imaging achieved at TOMCAT

Researchers from the TOMCAT beamline have developed a small-angle scattering tensor tomography method to visualize microscopic features within a macroscopic field of view with unprecedented data acquisition speed. The results of the study were published in Applied Physics Letters on April 1, 2020.

25. März 2020

SNF funds dynamic X-ray imaging of the human auditory system in motion

In collaboration with clinicians from the Inselspital and engineers of the University Hospital of Bern, the X-Ray Tomography Group will be part of a new SNF project entitled “The Human Auditory System in Motion: Direct Observation of the Microfunction of Sound Transmission using Dynamic Phase-contrast X-ray Imaging”.

6. Dezember 2019
Overview of the RECAST3D interface.

Towards dynamic feedback control during time-resolved CT at TOMCAT

Researchers from the CWI in Amsterdam and the TOMCAT beamline have developed and implemented a real-time CT reconstruction, visualisation, and on-the-fly analysis approach to monitor dynamic processes as they occur. With the processing of  multiple sets of CT slices per second, this represents the next crucial step towards adaptive feedback control of time-resolved in situ tomographic experiments. The results of this study were published in Scientific Reports on December 5, 2019.

18. November 2019

The X-ray Tomography Group welcomes Dr. Nazanin Samadi as Post Doc

Dr. Nazanin Samadi will help develop tools for comprehensive simulation of tomography beamline design and will contribute in the technical design report of the future TOMCAT 2.0 beamline upgrade. Before joining the group, she was a PhD student at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

12. November 2019

Dr. Anne Bonnin got tenured

Congratulations to Dr. Anne Bonnin for having been tenured. Anne spent 2 years of post-doc and 4 years as beamline scientist at TOMCAT.

1. September 2019

Dr. Jinqiu Xu joins the X-ray Tomography Group as Post Doc

Dr. Jinqiu Xu will work with the team developing X-ray phase contrast CT for breast cancer diagnosis. Before coming to PSI, she worked on CT reconstruction from incomplete data at Capital Normal University (Beijing, China).

30. Mai 2019
TOMCAT high numerical aperture detector

High-numerical-aperture optics is key to ultra-fast tomographic microscopy

A novel high-numerical-aperture macroscope optics dedicated to high-temporal and high-spatial resolution X-ray tomographic microscopy is available at TOMCAT. Coupled with the in-house developed GigaFRoST camera, this highly efficient imaging setup enables tomographic microscopy studies at 20 Hz and beyond, opening up new possibilities in tomographic investigations of dynamic processes. A detailed characterization of the macroscope performance was published in Journal of Synchrotron Radiation on May 21, 2019.