Photon Tools for Physical Chemistry 2019

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PTPC2019 took place 8-11 January 2019 in Beatenberg, Switzerland. It followed in the footsteps of PTPC2014 and widened the scope of previous IWPTCEC meetings to cover physical chemistry topics from chemical dynamics and (combustion) kinetics to characterizing nanoparticles and aerosols and their interaction with ionizing radiation. The workshop emphasized state-of-the-art approaches, particularly at large scale facilities, to use VUV to soft X-ray radiation for the study of


  • Flames and reactors,
  • Chemical kinetics and molecular dynamics,
  • Sprays, aerosols and particulate matter,
  • Advanced spectroscopy techniques,
  • Astrochemistry, and
  • Catalysis, surface and cluster reactivity.

You can download the abstract book here or check out the conference report (DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2019.210). Richard Tuckett has also shared a few slides in part about a PEPICO review article he and Tomas Baer conceived at PTPC2014 and wrote together.