Alignment of the vertical position of the diffractometer dfy

  • Best to work on Console 2 ( x10sa-cons-2 ), the computer on the left
  • Check also the screenshots of the tools below

Step by Step

  • Determine the current beam position
    • Move in the scintillator screen with the X10SA ONE panel
      • To open: Launcher for Experts > (Sections) End Station > (User Panels) ONE panel
    • Open the shutter with the ONE panel
      • Note that the shutter can only be opened if the beam stop is is "measure" position
      • fast way: in the DA+ GUI: goto SampleAlignment step and move out all "unwanted" devices as lamp, apertures,...
      • note that sometimes the scinti gets frozen over too fast to get a nice position, especially if you want to re-check with apertures and collimator
      • in this case, a brief switch-off of the cryo might help (do not forget to switch it on again as soon as possible)
    • In the DA+ GUI, (Expert mode) move the beam-position box to where the beam is
      • works only in BeamPosUpdate mode, and in max magnification !!
      • afterwards switch back to "SampleAlignment" mode !!
      • do not forget that step, else, the position will be lost at the next click of the mouse!
    • CLOSE the shutter !
    • Move out the scintillator
  • Center an alignment needle to determine the rotation axis
    • Mount an alignment pin/needle on the goniometer
    • Be sure to find its correct center of rotation
    • NOTE: this will not necessarily be where you saw the beam above, so not in the center of the beam box
      • you can finely move the needle with the move buttons, set step to 1 um
    • Find the average of the needle position at 0 and 180 degrees
      • move needle there
    • Find the average of the needle position at 90 and 270 degrees
      • move needle there
    • Check full rotation - is this the center of rotation?
  • Move the rotation axis (this is the needle position now) onto the beam position by re-setting the diffractometer y-position:
    • Launcher for Experts MOVED TO... MX Common Tools MOVED TO...DFY-Tool
    • Step the position of DFY until the center of rotation (needle head) and the beam position (red box) agree

Tools needed

  • Launcher for Experts:
    x10sa beam alignment expert launcher select.png

    x10sa beam alignment expert launcher hierarchy1.png
  • X10SA ONE panel:
    X10SA ONE.jpg
  • K-Box expert panel:
    x10sa beam alignment kbox panel.png
  • Beamline display panel:
    x10sa beam alignment beamline display.png
  • Clara Alignment GUI, Preferences:
    x10sa beam alignment clara preferences menu.png

    x10sa beam alignment clara preferences panel.png
  • DFY-Tool:
    x10sa beam alignment dfy tool.png
  • X10SA overview panel: