Expected status of the facilities for the next half year (updated 2023-08-01). Availability of facilities subject to change without notice for technical reasons. Please ask if you have specific requirements.

As the SLS is undergoing a major upgrade starting October 2023, no synchrotron light will be available at PEARL until the new QUEST beamline opens in 2026. The PEARL endstation (sample preparation, STM, ARPES with lab source) will remain operational in the mean time. Please ask beamline staff if you have any requests for experiments at PEARL.

Facility Status Notes
Beamline Optics
Optics and monochromator not available SLS upgrade
Dynamic bump/circular polarization not available SLS upgrade
Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS/XPD/PhD/ARPES)
Electron spectrometer (Scienta DFS30) ask  
Angle scans ask  
Photon energy scans not available SLS upgrade
ARPES, Fermi surface mapping ask  
Manipulator cooling ask 35 K
Temperature programming ask T < 500 K
Operando measurements ask  
Remote control not available  
Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy (STM/STS)
Microscopy (Omicron LT-STM, Nanonis control system) OK  
Spectroscopy OK  
Sample temperature OK 4 K, 77 K
Remote control (scanning only) ask  
AFM (ex situ) ask  
Sample entry
Fast entry lock OK  
Glove box transfer ask  
Sample preparation
Ar sputtering OK  
Heating, radiative OK 1200 K
Heating, direct current OK 12 A
Heating, e-beam OK 1500 K
Pyrometer OK  
Cooling OK 90 K
Organic multi-evaporator OK 900 K
Accessory ports OK 2 ports
LEED/Auger OK  
Gas dosing OK Messer CANgas
Chemistry lab access ask  
Sample preparation, STM system
Ar sputtering OK  
Heating, radiative OK 1200 K
Cooling OK 140 K
Accessory ports OK 2 ports