SACRE - Education and Training

The SACRE team is committed to the Education and Training of young nuclear scientists, engineers as well as professionals. Thereby, SACRE is involved in Teaching activities within the national joint EPFL/ETHZ Nuclear Engineering Master Program and offers students the opportunity to conduct Master and PhD theses as well as PostdocTrainee and Practicum projects. Noting that Guest Scientists can also visit SACRE for trainee and/or further education programs.

See here for on-going as well as past  SACRE Master Theses and Trainee Projects.

See here for on-going as well as past SACRE PhD Theses.

Nuclear Engineering Master Course at PSI

The Master Course of the 3rd semester of the Nuclear Engineering Master is taking place at PSI. Several people of LRT give lectures in different fields and topics.

Beyond-Design-Basis Safety

In this block, comprehensive knowledge is provided on the phenomena during a Beyond Design Bases Accident (BDBA) in a Nuclear Power Plants (NPP), on their modeling as well as on countermeasures taken against radioactive releases into the environment, both by Severe Accident Management Guidelines (SAMG), together with technical backfitting measures in existing plants and an extended design of new NPP.

Lecture 1
Historical overview of accidents in nuclear installations

Lecture 2
Core heat-up, cladding rupture and oxidation; essentially intact core reflooding

Lecture 3
Early phase core degradation and degraded core reflooding

Lecture 4
Core melting, relocation and late phase interactions in reactor vessel; vessel failure and corium ejection

Lecture 5
In- and ex-vessel molten fuel coolant interaction

Lecture 6
Spent fuel pool accidents, H2 generation, FP release

Lecture 7
Molten corium and concrete interaction and gas and aerosol release

Lecture 8
Containment thermal-hydraulics and H2 distribution; risk of deflagration/detonation, mitigation systems

Lecture 9
Fission product release from fuel, aerosol formation, transport in reactor coolant system

Lecture 10
Fission product behaviour in containment; aerosol transport/deposition, iodine chemistry

Lecture 11
In- and ex-vessel corium retention

Lecture 12
Severe Accident Management and Mitigation on current NPPs

Lecture 13

Lecture 14
Consequences of severe accidents; health and land contamination, public opinion, nuclear programmes

Lecture 15
Analytical Techniques for Simulation of Beyond Design Basis Accidents