Conference Articles





Aerosol measurements in the QUENCH-ALISA test
J. Kalilainen, T.M. Lind, U. Stegmaier
23rd QUENCH Workshop, Karlsruhe, Germany

Status Report on Nitriding Model
B.S. Jäckel, S. Park, L. Fernandez-Moguel
23rd QUENCH Workshop, Karlsruhe, Germany

Progression of Postulated Severe Accidents in the Wet Storage Pool of NPP Gösgen-Däniken
B.S. Jäckel, P. Steiner, J.-U. Klügel
26th NENE Conference, Bled, Slovenia

Analysis of Oxidation and Nitriding Experiments of Zircaloy-4 Cladding
B.S. Jäckel, S. Park, L. Fernandez-Moguel
2nd NuFuel Conference, Lecco, Italy

A large Eddy simulation of particle removal in a room-sized differentially heated cavity
A. Dehbi, J. Kalilainen, T.M. Lind
EAC, Zürich, Switzerland

Droplet Size Estimation inside a Self-Priming Venturi Scrubber by Shadowgraphy
L. Perez, P. Papadopoulos, H.-M. Prasser
ENYGF, Manchester, UK

Modeling of Fission Product scrubbing in experiments and in integral severe accident scenarios
A. Rýdl, T.M. Lind, F. Fernandez-Moguel
8th ERMSAR, Warsaw, Poland

The Influence of Thermal Radiation on the Free Convection inside Enclosures
A. Dehbi, S. Kelm, J. Kalilainen, H. Müller
8th ERMSAR, Warsaw, Poland

Severe accident code to code comparison for two accident scenarios in a spent fuel pool
O. Coindreau, B.S. Jäckel, F. Rocchi, F. Alcaro, D. Angelova, G. Bandini, M. Barnak, M. Behler, D.F. Da Cruz, R. Dagan, P. Drai, S. Ederli, L.E. Herranz, T. Hollands, G.L. Horvath, A. Kaliatka, I. Kljenak, O. Kotsuba, T.M. Lind, C. López, K. Mancheva, P. Matejovic, M. Matkovič, M. Steinbrück, M. Stempniewicz, R. Thomas, V. Vileiniskis, D.C. Visser, P. Vokáč, Y. Vorobyov, O. Zhabin
8th ERMSAR, Warsaw, Poland