Conference Articles





The EURATOM-ROSATOM ERCOSAM-SAMARA Projects on Containment Thermal-hydraulics of current and future LWRs for Severe Accident Management
D. Paladino, S. Güntay, M. Andreani, I. Tkatschenko, J. Brinster, F. Dabbene, S. Kelm, H.-J. Allelein, D.C. Visser, S. Benz, T. Jordan, Z. Liang, E. Porcheron, J. Malet, A. Bentaib, A. Kiselev, T. Yudina, A. Filippov, A. Khizbullin, M. Kamnev, A. Zaytsev, A. Loukianov
ICAPP, Chicago, USA

Validation of a CFD Model for Steam Condensation in the Presence of Noncondensable Gases
A. Dehbi, F. Janasz, B. Bell
4th CFD4NRS, Daejeon, South Korea

Conduct and Analytical Support to Air Ingress Experiment QUENCH-16
J.C. Birchley, L. Fernandez-Moguel, C. Bals, E. Beuzet, Z. Hozer, J. Stuckert
5th ERMSAR, Cologne, Germany

Progress in SARNET2 WP5-2 Research: Melt Pool Behavior and Coolability in the Lower Head of a Light Water Reactor
W.M. Ma, W. Villanueva, P. Kudinov, A. Miassoedov, X. Gaus-Liu, M. Hoffmann, B.S. Jäckel, J.C. Birchley, P. Matejovic, M. Barnak
5th ERMSAR, Cologne, Germany

Large Scale Experimental Program at PSI on Safety Issues in a PWR Steam Generator
A. Dehbi, D.J. Suckow, T.M. Lind, S. Güntay
5th ERMSAR, Cologne, Germany

CFD Study of Natural Convection Mixing in a Steam Generator Mock-up: Comparison between Full Geometry and Porous Media Approaches
A. Dehbi, H. Badreddine
ICAPP, Chicago, USA

Granular flow in pebble bed reactors: dust generation and scaling
C.H. Rycroft, T.M. Lind, S. Güntay, A. Dehbi
ICAPP, Chicago, USA

Effects of molybdenum and silver on iodine transport in primary circuit on severe nuclear accidents
J. Kalilainen, P. Rantanen, T. Kärkelä, M. Lipponen, A. Auvinen, J. Jokiniemi
ICAPP, Chicago, USA

Corium and Debris Coolability Studies Performed in the Severe Accident Research Network of Excellence (SARNET2)
A. Miassoedov, T.W. Tromm, J.C. Birchley, F. Fichot, W.M. Ma, G. Pohlner, P. Matejovic
20th ICONE Conference, Anaheim, USA

Progress with Iodine Chemistry Studies in SARNET2
T.J. Haste, A. Auvinen, L. Cantrel, J. Kalilainen, T. Kärkelä, B. Simondi-Teisseire
21st NENE Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Preliminary Analysis of Air Ingress Experiment QUENCH-16 using RELAP/SCDAPSim3.5 and MELCOR 1.8.6
L. Fernandez-Moguel
21st NENE Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia