Green Team

Green Team
The members of the Green Team as of August 2022

If your question is “what does it take to end global warming?”, the Green Team will tell you that connection and reciprocity are the key to shape a better and climate-friendly future all together.

> How do we do that? We are a group of PhD students and Postdocs who believes in the little “eco-conscious” contributions in our daily life and expand them to the maximum range through guidelines, seminars and climate projects. Our final goal is to find net-zero solutions against accelerating climate change together with all PSI employees, providing support to the PSI administration to implement the best solutions applicable in our work environment. Aside from this campaign, the Green Team’s ongoing initiatives include:

For us, nothing is better than make our professional life not just green, but fun. Therefore, we cannot wait to discuss it with the PSI administration. In the meantime, you may want to join some of our events to learn more about a green life style in an entertaining way. These include ClimateFresks, Climate Seminars and Cineforum evenings as recurring event series to understand the essential issues of climate change and take action!
During the Climate Fresk, a 3-hour scientific based workshop, you will participate in a great scientific-based learning session on causes and consequences of climate change taking the opportunity to increase your team working skills, understanding the complexity of climate change by the “step-by-step” reconstruction.
In our Climate Seminar Series, we invite international guests who share their knowledge about climate change in different fields, such as architecture, economy, medicine, nuclear energy, AI. We organize these seminars to stimulate the discussion about our role in the ecosystem and how we and the entire human civilization can develop to have a net positive impact on the environment.
Our Cineforum evenings are a moment of reflection, where we watch movies related to the conflictual relationship between humans and the environment, followed by a debate and an activity inspired by the movie. In our first Cineforum, the audience handcrafted miniatures of forest spirits from recycled material to keep our working environment pure! If you see one of them near your office at PSI, it means that your colleagues are taking good actions to ensure an eco-friendly working place.

> Have you already participated in one of our activities at PSI? The journey does not stop there! You might want to join one of our tours outside PSI. In the past we have organized many tours, such as:

  • the Aarau hydroelectric power plant and its district heating system;
  • the “Hof Narr” animal sanctuary, a refugee for unwanted farm animals;
  • the Umwelt Arena, a center for environmental education and sustainable mobility;
  • the tour of “Planted”, a plant-based meat factory in Zurich.

Attend one of our events to spread awareness about climate change and to meet new people around PSI, building friendships and collaborations. Change requires diversity.

In addition to hosting events, we are actively supporting the efforts of PSI's Steering Committee "Umwelt und Energie", which is in charge of realizing projects in the framework of PSI's energy and environmental concept.

We also have an active collaboration with OASE to improve their sustainability. Our last project was the awareness campaign: the "Food ecology at OASE"! which you might have seen around the PSI catering facilities.

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>> If you would like to have more information about our events or how to join the Green Team, you can contact Irene Rodriguez Fernandez at

We are always looking for motivated people, with an interest in sustainability and innovative ideas!

Imagine nature, without humans. Imagine humans, without nature. Let’s bring your ideas! Together we can make a difference.