CDCT – The Chip Design Core Team

The Chip Design Core Team is designing Application Specific Integrated Circuits and is responsible to provide a PSI-wide basic ECAD support structure for Chip Design. Furthermore we are offering Chip Design Training Courses to MSc Students in the framework of running project-collaborations with universities.

The main applications developed within this team are readout chips for hybrid pixel detectors, both for high energetic particles (particle tracking in high energy physics experiments) and for X-ray radiation detection (synchrotrons and XFELs). The group is involved in other developments, too -- as for example the "Domino chip project", not directly involving detectors.

The CDCT is organized in a “matrix” way and is based on a plug-in concept. In fact, a core group of 4 people belonging to different divisions at PSI collaborate to maintain the CAD infrastructure and to enable chip design at PSI. External groups requiring chip design have then to “plug-in” resources (manpower and funding) to jointly develop their target ASIC's. In this framework, this team is open to collaborations with external universities and research institutes.

Some further details of our projects are presented in the CDCT-Projects folder
and our skills are listed in CDCT-Skills.