Board Design Core Team: skills & services

The BDCT is the first level point of contact concerning questions about the "Mentor Graphics Expedition Enterprise Flow"

We are supporting the tools:
  • DxDesigner (Schematic entry)
  • IODesigner (FPGA <> PCB interface)
  • Expedition (Layout)
  • Drawing Editor (Documentation)
  • System Vision (Analog and mixed signal simulation)
A major task of the BDCT is to provide the PSI adapted configurations for this tools. These configurations are continuously updated to the tested and implemented new software releases as well as to the needs of the PCB developers. Our daily business consists in maintaining and upgrading our large central library based on a MS SQL database. We are developing automating applications for recurring design processes in order to enhance the productivity of the PCB developers.

Our services include:
  • Maintenance of the "customers" Intranet pages enabling requests to add new components to the central library
  • Creation and verification of new library items
  • Managing the project registration (project repository)
  • Handling the user registration, its dependencies and the permission management
  • License management
  • Maintenance of the IT infrastructure for the Mentor Graphics ECAD-System (Virtual servers, network drivers, FTP project drive, etc. ...)
  • Creating and providing layout templates and reusable design blocks
  • the development of interfaces to other design tools (FPGA), like Xilinx, Altera, ...
  • the development of applications to automate recurring design processes
  • general MG-ECAD support to developers and apprentices, training courses
  • technical verification of layouts