Torne Tänzer

PhD Student
Torne Tänzer
Paul Scherrer Institut PSI
Forschungsstrasse 111
5232 Villigen PSI

Torne Tänzer is a doctoral researcher in the Structure and Mechanics of Advanced Materials group. He received both his bachelor's and master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland. During his MSc, he focused on biomechanics and biomedical technologies, notably contributing to research in microfluidics and bioMEMS. Finally, during his Master Thesis, he worked on the development and implementation of material models for full micromechanical characterisation of biological soft tissues and biomaterials by nanoindentation. He joined the SMAM group in 2022 to investigate the change of bone structure and properties caused by osteoporosis.

Torne's research focuses on the application of various characterisation techniques such as x-ray scattering, birefringence microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and micromechanical testing to study the influence of osteoporosis on bone structure and properties.