ETH Zürich Public Tours 2024

Of Accelerators and Radioactivity

On March 26, 2024, Patrick Steinegger leads visitors of the ETH Zürich Public Tours 2024  through the proton accelerator facility of PSI.


We are happy to welcome Jelena

Jelena Petrović is a visiting scientist working on the separation and purification of various radionuclides from irradiated targets and radioactive waste. Additionally, she is exploring the utilization of novel radionuclides for diverse applications, including but not limited to medical applications (44Ti/44Sc), geological studies (32Si), astrophysical investigations (26Al, 180mTa), nuclear waste partitioning (110mAg), and catalytic processes (65Zn).


Pan Xiaohan

We are glad to welcome Pan Xiaohan!

Pan Xiaohan is a visiting PhD student, who works on the removal of radionuclides (110mAg, 129I/131I) from contaminated water.


Welcome Vlad

Vladislav Zobnin is a new Phd student, who has recently joined the group of Isotope and Target Chemistry. He will work on the “PASCAL” project (EU), under the supervision of Dr. Jörg Neuhausen.

Congratulation to Noemi and Michael!

Congratulations, Noemi and Mike!

Noemi Cerboni and Michael Hofstetter managed to keep up the international scientific prestige of LRC at the Jahrestagung der Fachgruppe Nuklearchemie 2022, with Noemi winning the Best Poster Award and Mike the Second Best Poster Award. Congrats, guys, LRC is proud of you!

conference foto

30th Conference of the International Nuclear Target Development Society

The Isotope and Target Chemistry group of the Paul Scherrer Institut had the pleasure to organize and host the 30th Conference of the International Nuclear Target Development Society (INTDS 2022) at PSI from 25th to 30th September 2022.

The conference was a great success! 80 participants, representing scientific institutions of 14 different countries and 4 continents, met in person, discussed and presented their newest results on target preparation methods, advances in target characterization, production of targets for medical applications, gas targets, stripper films, high-power target technology and much more. We are happy to emphasise the relative large number of students, 15, participating to the event.

Special thanks to the Local Organizing Committee: D. Schumann (Chair), Z. Talip, E.A. Maugeri, R. Dressler, K. Daniela, A. Blattmann, M. Veicht, N. Cerboni

mario phd

Mario PhD defence

LRC is happy to congratulate Veicht Mario Aaron, one of our most promising student, for the successful defence of his PhD Thesis, 30th of September, 2022, at PSI Auditorium lecture hall.

georg oto

Congratulation Georg!

All LRC members are proud of Tiebel Georg, who won the Best Poster Presentation Award at the Swiss Chemical Society Fall Meeting 2022, 8 September 2020. Congratulation Georg, great job!