Large Research Facilities 

Dr. Mike Seidel (EPFL)

Accelerator Operation and Development 

PD Dr. Daniela Kiselev

Electronics and Control Systems 

Dr. Thomas Schilcher

Engineering and Coordination 

Kilian Rolli

Accelerator Technology 

Dr. Hans-Heinrich Braun

The division GFA is organized in four departments: “Accelerator Operation and Development (ASA)”, “Accelerator Technology (ABT)”, “Electronics and Control Systems (AEK)”, and “Engineering and Coordination (AIK)”.

These departments cover a broad range of accelerator science & technology including beam dynamics and electromagnetic fields, accelerator specific technologies like magnets, high frequency resonators or vacuum technology, and accelerator operation for all PSI facilities from a common central control room. Advanced mechanical design, manufacturing and project management services are provided not only for GFA but for all PSI divisions. The new department AEK is aimed at centralizing electronics and embedded subsystems developments that are used in different areas of accelerator technology. Over a longer period these services can be extended to support the entire PSI.