Events organized by the PSI Bio-Division

The workshop will give an insight into all the practical aspects of tomography and sub-tomogram averaging using Dynamo software developed by Dr. Daniel Castaño Diez (https:// Without any previous experience in tomography, the participants will be guided through the full processing pipeline, starting with raw tilt series, tomogram reconstruction, sub-tomogram alignment, averaging and classification.

The Organising Committee: Emiliya Poghosyan, Volodymyr Korkhov, Takashi Ishikawa, Spencer Bliven, Daniel Castaño Diez (CSIC), Raffaele Coray (CSIC), Alma Vivas Lago (CSIC). 

5 September 2022, PSI education center, OSGA 006

From X-ray and neutrons over electrons to magnetism

The Organizing Committee: Anne Bonnin, Jinghui Luo

26. - 27. October 2021, online

Hosted by the Laboratory of Nanoscale Biology, the Cellular Structural Biology & Bioimaging online symposium brings together top experts in structural biology of dynamic biomolecular complexes, in-situ structural biology, integrative structural and cell biology across scales, and cutting-edge methods development. 

Confirmed Speakers: John Briggs, Petr Chlanda, Ben Engel, Kay Gruenewald, Dorit Hanein, Takashi Ishikawa, Volodymyr Korkhov, Wanda Kukulski, Ohad Medalia, Adrian Wanner, Benoit Zuber

12. - 14. April 2021, online

Keynote Speakers: Bryan Roth, Evi Kostenis, Xavier Deupi

The 4th ERNEST conference – Insights from structures of signalling complexes and computational modelling of GPCR signalling.

Please visit the ERNEST CONFERENCE WEBSITE for the programme, speaker information, registration, and abstract submission.

The Organizing Committee: Gebhard Schertler, Gregor Cicchetti, Francine Weber, Xavier Deupi

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