Data Analysis and Research Infrastructure Group

The Data Analysis and Research Infrastructure (DARI) Group provides the infrastructure services and consultancy for acquisition of high throughput detectors, high performance data storage, and required computational resources and tools for data analysis, including integration with Data Curation and management systems.

We have strong collaboration with Photon Science Department beamlines (SLS, SwissFEL) and the Controls Section, as we provide expertise and collaborate on projects.

Our main tasks are:

  • support high-performance servers for acquisition of multi-GB detectors
  • architect and support dedicated high-throughput networking for those detectors (100G and up)
  • architect and support performant and complex storage solutions, including data policies and their implementation
  • provide resources forecasts and budget planning
  • consult on special projects

The main services we are running are:

  • the SLS and the SwissFEL Online Clusters, providing storage, compute and special DAQ servers for data taking
  • the RA Data analysis cluster, service internal and external scientists in their data analysis needs

Documentation for these services can be found here: and (PSI internal only)