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IT Security

At PSI, users are responsible to be security conscious and adopt the computing security rules not just to protect their own systems and data, but to help protect the PSI community.

It is essential that you read and comply with the following IT House Rules at PSI. This also applies to guests and users who use PSI computing resources from home or other internet sources.

IT House Rules at PSI1

1. Adhere to applicable rules 2. Avoid the misuse of systems and passwords
  • Select passwords which are difficult to guess. Keep them secret and observe password rules.
  • Use a password-protected screen saver whenever you leave your workplace.
  • Logout or turn off computers when you are absent or do not need to use the system.
3. Think and act with foresight
  • Make sure virus scanner software is being updated regularly. Never disable such security features.
  • Ensure that systems and applications are updated to current level (patches, updates, etc.).
  • Turn off unnecessary applications and services if you don't need them for your work.
4. Handle information and systems with care
  • Don‘t leave mobile devices (laptop, PDA,GSM, etc.) unattended.
  • Protect important information (such as personal data) from misuse.
  • Regularly backup important data in a safe place.
5. Use only legally obtained (licensed) products
  • Respect copyright and license restrictions of applications and data.
  • Use only programs and data for which you are authorized and for their intended use.
6. Use email and Internet cautiously
  • Never forget that e-mails can include links to unsafe web sites or that email attachments can include potentially harmful programs (Malware).
  • Programs and data downloaded from the Internet should be handled with care and with adherence to contractual terms of the product.
7. Report incidents immediately
  • Consider offenses against integrity and confidentiality as an incident.
  • Report security relevant incidents to the PSI Helpdesk.
  • Report (possible) virus infections to the PSI Helpdesk.
  1. based on the IT House Rules at ETH Zurich safeIT / A security awareness program at ETH Zurich.