Masters Course in Nuclear Engineering

BDBA (Beyond Design Basis Accidents)

The SACRE group offers the "Beyond Design Basis Accidents" course for students of the Nuclear Engineering Course at ETHZ. The course contains lessons about phenomenology of severe accidents, severe accident management, containment response and source term mitigation.

Lecture 1
Historical overview of accidents in nuclear installations
Lecture 2
Core heat-up, cladding rupture and oxidation; essentially intact core reflooding
Lecture 3
Early phase core degradation and degraded core reflooding
Lecture 4
Core melting, relocation and late phase interactions in reactor vessel; vessel failure and corium ejection
Lecture 5
In- and ex-vessel molten fuel coolant interaction
Lecture 6
Spent fuel pool accidents, H2 generation, FP release
Lecture 7
Molten corium and concrete interaction and gas and aerosol release
Lecture 8
Containment thermal-hydraulics and H2 distribution; risk of deflagration/detonation, mitigation systems
Lecture 9
Fission product release from fuel, aerosol formation, transport in reactor coolant system
Lecture 10
Fission product behaviour in containment; aerosol transport/deposition, iodine chemistry
Lecture 11
In- and ex-vessel corium retention
Lecture 12
Severe Accident Management and Mitigation on current NPPs
Lecture 13
Lecture 14
Consequences of severe accidents; health and land contamination, public opinion, nuclear programmes
Lecture 15
Analytical Techniques for Simulation of Beyond Design Basis Accidents