Recent Projects

The SACRE group is currently working on following projects:

Air oxidation modeling
BSAF (Benchmark Study of the Accident at Fukushima)
EMUG (European Melcor User Group)
Feasability and plausibility of innovative reactor concepts
FCVS (Filtered Containment Venting System)
Fuel integrity under dry and wet storage, a SwissNuclear project
HTR: Simulation of granular flow and dust production in a pebble bed reactor
Iodine and Aerosol Retention in Water Pools
Iodine retention under severe accident conditions, a SwissNuclear project
Particle depletion in a differentially heated Cavity
PreADES (Preparatory Study on Analysis of Fuel Debris)
PRECISE (Precise REflux Condensation Investigation SEtup)
SAMOFAR (SAfety features of MOlten salt FAst Reactors)
SBO (Station BlackOut) Simulations with MELCOR
Spent Fuel Pool activities
TCOFF (Thermodynamic Characterisation of Fuel Debris and Fission Products)


Past Projects

ARTIST (AeRosol Trapping In the Steam generaTor)
CESAM (Code for European Severe Accident Management)
IAEA project to collect and interpret data from Fukushima SFP's
Air-SFP NUGENIA+ Project
Particle break-up upon impaction
PASSAM (Passive and Active Systems towards enhanced Severe Accident source term Mitigation)
SFP (Sandia Fuel Project)
SFP Status Report, Status report on knowledge about SFP severe accident phenomenology
SFP PIRT Report, Priority report for future SFP related research and investigations
Spent fuel under severe accident conditions
SGTR (Steam Generator Tube Rupture)
Wet storage pool under severe accident conditions