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NIAG - Neutron Imaging and Activation Group

NIAG is a group within the Laboratory for Neutron Scattering and Imaging LNS , in the division research with neutrons and muons NUM of PSI. NIAG is responsible for 2 neutron imaging facilities and activation services available for users from scientific institutions and industry. Neutron radiography is complementary to X-ray radiography due to differences in radiation matter interaction. Neutrons interact with the atomic nucleus, whereas X-ray's as electromagnetic radiation rather interact with the electrons.
Imaging Facilities
NEUTRA Radiography / tomography with thermal Maxwellian spectrum Optional 320kV X-ray tube, NEURAP setup for highly activated samples.
ICON Radiography / tomography with cold neutron spectrum Micro-tomography, Energy selective imaging, Grating interferometry.
NIS Neutron irradiation services Neutron activation / Isotope production

Industrial Services

Neutron imaging and activation for proprietary use are offered on a commercial base. Please contact the NIAG industry responsible or PSI Technology Transfer.

We collaborate with the EMPA Center for X-ray Analytics

EMPA Center for X-ray Analytics, Duebendorf, Switzerland