Facility Groups
PSI User Office (WLGA/018)
Reception (WLGA)
key pick-up, etc.
  • Phone: 3222
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Guest House
Room Phone
Housekeepers 3472
Ground Floor (common room) 3467
Ground Floor (phone box) 3466
Basement 3458
First Floor 3470
Second Floor 3471

Experimental Areas
Area Contact
pM3: (GPS) Cordless: 5880
Counting room: 3439
Separator area: 3428
Experiment area: 3045 ("Cave"), 3441 (Safety door)
pM3: (LTF) Cordless: 5880
Barrack: 3116
Experiment area -- 3046 (Safety door and area)
pE1: (Dolly) Cordless: 5882
Counting room: 3781
Experiment area: 3434 (Safety door and exit west)
pE3: (HighField) Cordless: 5883
Barrack: 3025
Experiment area: 3721 (Safety door)
µE1: (GPD, High Pressure) Cordless: 5881
Counting room (Studio A): 3043
Experiment area: 3145 (Safety door)
µE4: (LEM) Cordless: 5884
Barrack: 3032

To all muon/pion beam areas, cordless phones are assigned to be carried by the experiment crew member on duty. The range of these phones covers the premises of PSI (west and east areas).