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LDM: Laboratory for Scientific Developments and Novel Materials

Through a unique mix of technical and scientific staff the Laboratory for Scientific Developments and Novel Materials (LDM) is central to the operation and development of scientific instrumentation and methods for the SINQ and UCN neutron sources as well as the SμS muon source at the Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI). These efforts enable both PSI researchers as well as the international scientific user community to carry out state-of-the-art experiments that employ neutron and muon particle beams to solve topical scientific issues in fields ranging from particle physics to solid state physics to materials science.

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LDM also operates the Beamline BOA at SINQ.

Beamline BOA at SINQ

The operation of the new multi-purpose neutron beamline BOA (Beamline for neutron Optics and other Approaches) has started successfully in May 2011.This new beamline is a redesign of the former FUNSPIN beamline. BOA is an 18 m long instrument located at the beam channel 51 looking on the SINQ cold source. The primary polarization element (polarizing bender) of the former design was kept because research with polarized neutrons is of key interest in the neutron scattering community.
Read more about BOA: http://www.psi.ch/sinq/boa