Neutron Optics and Scientific Computing Group

Members of the group perform and assist research experiments on the neutron optics and other approaches beamline BOA and the neutron reflectometer NARZISS. Test experiments performed on BOA are used to validate the liability of newly designed or specially adapted optical components.

On dedicated Linux clusters Monte Carlo simulations using the McStas package are performed to develop and optimize beamlines, instrument set-ups and instrument components of neutron experiments. The MCNPX simulation package is used for shieldings. The sputtering lab produces supermirrors and polarizing remanent mirrors for neutron optical components and multilayer systems for X-ray deflection. For sample preparation or as a service for other Labs and companies sputtering equipment and a variety of target materials for layer coatings are available.

Development, set-up, support and maintenance of the instrument control systems of the SINQ neutron instruments by SICS and bulk µSR instruments by Midas.