Welcome to LYRN - Life science Young Researchers' Network

Who are we

We are a group of various PhD and Post-Doc from the LBR and CRS laboratories at PSI, who aim at regularly hosting educational and/or social events, directed towards PhDs, PostDocs and any other interested parties.

What do we do

DISCUSSION CLUB: We propose, and ask you to propose, “hot topics” coming from science in general (meaning not only Biology, but also for example Environmental Science, Bioethics, Political Science, etc) and discuss about them. We provide with a couple of short specific papers, so that everyone gets a chance and background to join the dialogue. We then all gather at the end of the week around some beers and snacks to discuss the previously announced topic.

WORKSHOPS: We hosted various workshops in the past, on Cryo-EM data processing (2016), or X-Ray crystallography at the SLS (2016, 2017). We plan on organizing more in the future, based on the popularity of the previous ones, both on similar and new topics to be announced soon.

CAREER TALKS: During those, scientists who took different paths during their Professional life will talk about their experience, so that young scientists can have a broad view of “what to do with a PhD”. We've had the accounts of successful start- ups' CEOs, head of departments, etc.

SOCIAL: This part speaks for itself, we try to organize every now and then a little apero for PhDs and PostDocs, to promote communication, integration, and to get members of the LBR and CRS laboratories to know each others better.

How to contact us

If you have any questions about LYRN, how to join our regular meetings, or about our events, don't hesitate to contact us.

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LYRN board

Chairman: Fabien Cannac (LBR)
Co-chairman: Thomas Gruhl (LBR)
Secretary: Simon Käppeli (CRS)
Event coordinators: Elisabeth Graeber (LBR), Marcel Stangier (LBR), Valtteri Järvinen (LBR)
Treasurer: vacant