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22 mars 2023

How vision begins

Media Releases SwissFEL Biology Health Innovation

PSI scientists have discovered the very first step occurring in the eye when light hits the retina.

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20 février 2023
Medikamente mit Licht an- und abschalten

Using light to switch drugs on and off

Media Releases Health Innovation

PSI researchers record a molecular film of a cancer drug fitted with a photoswitch. This opens new insights for drug developers.

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15 décembre 2022
Zurab Guguchia und Kirsten Schnorr

3.1 million in funding for new research projects at PSI

Media Releases Large Research Facilities Health Innovation Future Technologies Fundamentals of Nature

The PSI scientists Zurab Guguchia and Kirsten Schnorr are to receive grants totalling CHF 3.1 million from the Swiss National Science Foundation for ground-breaking projects.

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8 septembre 2022
Thomas Schmidt

A piece of PSI history sets off on a long journey

Research Using Synchrotron Light Large Research Facilities SwissFEL

Off to new shores – a high-tech component is on its way from PSI to Australia by sea. In future, it will be deployed at the Australian Synchrotron in Melbourne.

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20 juillet 2022

Solving the unsolvable

Large Research Facilities Future Technologies Data Science

PSI and ETH Zurich have founded the Quantum Computing Hub, where top researchers work together on concepts for quantum computers.

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13 juillet 2022
Romain Ganter tinkers with the finishing touches of the upgrade to Athos

Athos just got even better

An ambitious upgrade at the soft X-ray beamline of the free electron laser SwissFEL opens up new experimental capabilities.

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22 juin 2022
 Schneller und smarter

Faster and smarter

Large Research Facilities Data Science

PSI is pooling its expertise regarding the evaluation of research data in the new research division Scientific Computing, Theory and Data.

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