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1 décembre 2023
Erbschäden mit Sonnenlicht reparieren

Repairing genetic damage with sunlight

SwissFEL Fundamentals of Nature

An international research team at SwissFEL of PSI has discovered how an enzyme repairs DNA damage with the help of sunlight.

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2 octobre 2023
John Beale au-dessus du SwissFEL

Bringing SwissFEL light to industrial users

Large Research Facilities SwissFEL Health Innovation Industrial co-operation

High throughput experiments will enable new structural biology users to benefit from XFEL light.

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7 juin 2023
Gas Attenuators

A compact gas attenuator for the SwissFEL ATHOS beamline realized using additive manufacturing

Gas attenuators are important devices providing accurate variation of photon intensity for soft X-ray beamlines. In the SwissFEL ATHOS beamline front-end the space is very limited and an innovative approach has been taken to provide attenuation of three orders of magnitude up to an energy of 1200 eV. Additive manufacturing of a differential pumping system vacuum manifold allowed a triple pumping stage to be realized in a space of less than half a meter. Measurements have shown that the response of the device is as expected from theoretical calculations.

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30 mai 2023
Physikerin Cecilia Casadei

An algorithm for sharper protein films

Media Releases Research Using Synchrotron Light SwissFEL Biology Data Science Fundamentals of Nature

A newly developed algorithm allows measurements performed at X-ray free-electron lasers to be evaluated more efficiently.

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31 mars 2023
Hercules 20223

The Hercules School visits PSI

20 international students visited PSI as part of the renowned Hercules School to learn about our state-of-the-art techniques and methodologies at our large scale facilities.

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22 mars 2023

How vision begins

Media Releases SwissFEL Biology Health Innovation

PSI scientists have discovered the very first step occurring in the eye when light hits the retina.

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20 février 2023
Medikamente mit Licht an- und abschalten

Using light to switch drugs on and off

Media Releases Health Innovation

PSI researchers record a molecular film of a cancer drug fitted with a photoswitch. This opens new insights for drug developers.

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