EnEfficient - an activity within the European effort

Energy recovery from cooling circuits

Task 3.2

This task is led by ESS - Anton LUNDMARK (Taskleader) & Thomas PARKER.
Interested participants: ESS, DESY, CERN, PSI.

More participants needed!

Contact: Anton LUNDMARK at ESS


as a starting point basic facts are to be collected. At 5-10 participating labs, information is assembled on electrical usage, amounts of heat generated, temperatures, facility heating and cooling needs and systems, required temperatures, etc. The results form the basis of a report.

Energy recovery opportunities

State-of-the art methods for making use of heat, opportunities, costs and revenues are to be evaluated. A pan-European competition for the best ideas will be held. This theme is a good topic for a conference with labs and related industry, to connect the heat suppliers with interested buyers/users. The ideas will be put into a compendium for future contacts.
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EuCARD-2 is co-funded by the partners and the European Commission
under Capacities 7th Framework Programme, Grant Agreement 312453.