European MELCOR User Group

Yearly meetings are organized in European countries which are CSARP members. The next EMUG meeting will be organized in April 2018 from University of Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia. Additional information will be added when available.


Associated Partners in USA

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Past Meetings with Hosting Institutes and Organisations

PSI.png 1st EMUG meeting, Villigen, 2008
UJV.png SUJB.png 2nd EMUG meeting, Prague, 2010
ENEA.jpg 3rd EMUG meeting, Bologna, 2011
GRS.png 4th EMUG meeting, Cologne, 2012
KTH.jpg 5th EMUG meeting, Stockholm, 2013
6th EMUG meeting, Bratislava, 2014

VUJE.png NRA SR.jpg
7th EMUG meeting, Brussels, 2015

BelV.png Tractebel.png
amec.jpg iclogo.gif 8th EMUG meeting, London, 2016

CIEMAT.jpg 9th EMUG meeting, Madrid, 2017