Former Group Members

photo of  Antriksh Singh
Singh, Antriksh Dr.
Postdoc until 2018-07, now Consulting, Poyry

Yazdanie, Mashael Dr.
PhD Student until 2017, now

photo of  Kathrin Volkart
Volkart, Kathrin Dr
PhD Student until 2017, now

photo of  Pierre Boutinard Rouelle
Boutinard Rouelle, Pierre
Scientific Assistant until 2016

photo of  Rashid Waraich
Waraich, Rashid Dr.
PostDoc until 2015-16

photo of  Rajesh Pattupara
Pattupara, Rajesh Dr.
PhD Student until 2012-16

photo of  Hal Turton
Turton, Hal Dr.
Group Leader until 2010-14

photo of  Adriana Marcucci
Marcucci, Adriana Dr.
PhD Student/Postdoc until 2008-04, now Postdoc (ETH), ETH

photo of  Nicolas Weidmann
Weidmann, Nicolas Dr.
PhD Student until 2005-13, now PostDoc Uni Basel

photo of  Sebastian Möllencamp
Möllencamp, Sebastian
PhD Student until 2012-12

photo of  Ulrich Reiter
Reiter, Ulrich Dr.
PhD Student until 2003-10, now Project developer (New Energies), Repower

photo of  Timur Gül
Gül, Timur Dr.
PhD Student until 2008-12, now Senior energy analyst, IEA

Magné, Bertrand Dr.
PostDoc until 2008-04, now Senior energy analyst, IEA

Schulz, Thorsten Dr.
PhD Student until 2007

Spielmann, Michael Dr.
PostDoc until 2007-11, now Solution Manager, PE International

Barreto, Leonardo Dr.
Group leader, Senior Researcher until 2007-04, now Senior Project Manager and Energy Policy Expert, Austrian Energy Agency

Krzyzanowski, Daniel Dr.
PhD Student until 2006-08, now Lead Process Architect, Shell Trading Rotterdam

Bauer, Nico Dr.
PostDoc until 2006, now Senior scientist and Group Leader Energy Resources and Technologies, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)

Rafaj, Peter Dr.
PhD Student until 2005, now Research Scholar Mitigation of Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases (MAG) Program, IIASA

Krakowski, Robert Dr.

Bahn, Oliver Dr.
Researcher until 2003, now Associate Professor, HEC Montreal, Canada

Gutzwiller, Lukas Dr.
Researcher until 2003, now Senior Energy Policy Advisor, Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE)