Data Analysis

POLDI data comes as 2D time-angle spectra (hdf-format) that cannot be analysed using standard powder diffraction programs. As of 2015, the data analysis software has been ported to be a part of the bigger Mantid framework. Mantid is open source and can be downloaded from the project website and installed on any computer with one of the supported operating systems. Until version 3.5 is released in October 2015, please use the nightly build version, which contains several improvements and important bugfixes compared with the release version 3.4.

Along with the download, the project website also contains documentation, also specifically for how to analyse POLDI data. The main algorithms for POLDI are called PoldiLoadRuns, PoldiCreatePeaksFromFile and PoldiDataAnalysis, which can be found in the Mantid documentation in a dedicated category for POLDI (

This short video demonstrates how to use Mantid to analyse POLDI data: