Secondary beam line schedules

Following beam line schedules have been decided at the various users' meetings and distribute the available beam time to the various experiments:

Experiment changeover policy

Experiment changeovers are at the beginning of a week or in a middle of the week according the the year schedule published above. The policy for the changeover is as follows:


  • The exact time for changeover is either Monday 11:00 (am) or Wednesday 11:00 (am).
  • The previous experiment has to leave the cleaned area at that time. If the cleanup can be done quickly, the previous experiment can take data the night before the changeover, otherwise the previous experiment has to stop earlier to allow for a proper cleanup, possible beamline disassembly and so on.
  • In addition to the area, the counting house has to be cleaned up at the same time.
  • Changes are possible if both the previous and the next experiment agree.
  • If both parties cannot agree, the area coordinator should be contacted for mediation. If the area coordinator has a conflict of interest (like they participate in one of the experiments) the beam time coordinator can be contacted.