User Documentation

  • A document describing the design of the SINQ Instrument Control System (SICS).
  • Installation Instructions for SICS Clients on personal computers.
  • The powder diffractometers DMC and HRPT.
  • The four-circle diffractometer TRICS.
  • The two circle diffractometer TOPSI.
  • The small angle machine SANS.
  • The time-of-flight spectrometer FOCUS.
  • The triple axis spectrometers TASP and DRUECHAL.
  • The reflectometer AMOR
  • The triple axis spectromter RITA-2
  • The new TRICS command set
  • Search the SICS documentation.
  • The Slides from the SICS Users Meeting 2005.
  • The Slides from the SICS Users Meeting 2009.

SICS Clients

The instrument control software SICS is accessed through special client software written in Java. The client programs are available on all instrument computers. Addionally they can be started from this very WWW server through the Java Web Start mechanism. More details about Java WebStart and installation instructions can be found on the LNS Java WebStart page. If you are already installed, you may use the following quick links. In order to run these programs from outside of the PSI network, you will need a username and password. Moreover, the PSI firewall blocks SICS's ports and you need to run VPN anyway to do something useful with these clients or you have to build a ssh secure tunnel.

SICS Manager Documentation

The following items are only served within the PSI-domain. Furthermore access to these documents may require usernames and passwords.

SICS World Wide Web Instrument Access

View Instrument Status Information.
No java or other browser specialities required. Some textual information and a characteristic graphics of the current experiment will be displayed. Access is currently restricted to the domain.

Control instruments running the SICS software through the WWW-browser.
No java or special addons required. The browser needs to support cookies though. This service is experimental and currently only available for the powder diffractometers DMC and HRPT. A login will be required before anything can be done.

The DMC-McStas virtual powder diffractometer

The SINQ File Database holds the most relevant bits of information about each data file measured at SINQ. This information can be queried by WWW-search forms reachable through the link above. Access to the database is restricted to the domain.
  • SANS and SANS-2 small angle scattering facilities.
  • Powder Diffraction Files from DMC or HRPT.
  • FOCUS time-of-flight spectrometer files.
  • TOPSI two circle diffractometer.
  • POLDI strain scanner.
  • TRICS four circle diffractometer.

  • The OpenGenie Manual at ISIS, UK.
  • The Xtal crystallographic software package.
  • FullProf : Rietveld Refinement (powder and/or single crystals).
  • Documentation for the PGPLOT graphics subroutine library.
    Access possible only from within PSI.
  • The Anatric manual.
    Anatric is a program for integrating intensities from four circle PSD files.

  • Click me to start a graphical ftp, sftp, smb file transfer client. It is assumed that Java Web Start is installed on your computer.
    More information on j-ftp can be found at its homepage.