PSI Computing Services

The following pages give an overview of available IT services. Use them as a User Self Help. If you have further questions, please contact the Computing Service Desk (helpdesk) for all questions and support related to centrally provided IT services at PSI.

We offer various informations concerning email:

We offer remote access to PSI via virtual private networks (vpn) technology and via secure shell (ssh) remote logins. On the PSI site a guest WLAN is available. Videoconferencing is another service offered.

Data Transfer
You can copy data and documents from and to PSI using explicit FTP (File Transfer Protokoll) SSL/TLS (Port# 21, encrypted), implicit FTPS SSL/TLS (Port# 990, encrypted), https SSL encrypted HTTP (Port# 443, encrypted), or via Secure Copy (scp, encrypted). In Addition a direct file access via AFS is provided