Radionuclide-Production and Maintenance

Cockcroft Walton pre-injector

The proton energy of 870 keV is obtained from the 60 keV extraction voltage at the ion source and the 810 keV DC acceleration of the Cockcroft-Walton accelerator. Around 800 keV is the maximum energy available from a DC high voltage accelerator based on air isolation.

Injector-2 cyclotron for 72 MeV proton beams

The injector-2 is itself a ring cyclotron, but with 4 sectormagnets and with an extremly low injection ernergy of 870 keV. The 870 keV beam comes from the Cockcroft-Walton pre-injector.
Characteristics and values

• Injection ernergy: 870 keV (4.3% of light speed)
• Extraction energy: 72 MeV (37.1% of light dpeed)
• Beam current: 2.5 mA