ECHO is the ultra small angle scattering set-up on the 2 axes diffractometer MORPHEUS. It was developed and set up in cooperation with E. Jericha and M. Villa from the Atominstitut Wien, Austria.

The sample-table is rather flexible and it is designed to hold the (not to heavy) sample-environments of the instruments SANS I and SANS II.

ECHO will be operated in time-sharing mode with reflectometry and single crystal set-ups. Yet, ECHO is not accessible via the normal SINQ proposal procedure because it is still in a test state. To obtain beam time please directly contact the instrument responsible.


crystals 2 double channelcut Si (111) single crystals
resolution 0.3 μm to 25 μm
q-range 2.5*10-5 Å-1 to 2*10-3 Å-1
peak intensity 600 s-1cm-2
peak to background 5*104