Photon Science Data Analysis

Making data analysis at PSI easy

This site contains information about services offered to the scientists for effectively analyzing the data taken at PSI large research facilities.

The vision is to create a virtual "data analysis center" which connects scientists with data, and domain experts, and the necessary infrastructure, called the Ra cluster. The service was kickstarted thanks to the DaaS project supported by swissuniversities .

The data analysis center supports storage of huge data volumes, analysis of the experimental data directly after data taking as well as the subsequent offline analysis. Researchers can analyse their data both on site and remotely. This will result in more efficiently pursued scientific projects and reduces time to publications.


Mid July 2017 The major storage upgrade for DaaS (and a separate one for SLS internal DaaS use) has arrived based on the new WTO framework contract that was procured within the project. This will add 2 x 2.6PB in form of the new Lenovo DSS G240 Spectrum Scale appliances to the existing DaaS Storage. The commissioning will be carried out in the coming weeks.

January 2017 external users from MX, Tomcat and cSAXS SLS beamlines can get access to the Ra cluster via corresponding beamline managers

October 2016 the power of Ra cluster is enlarged by the second enclosure

July 2016 the Ra Cluster is open to selected external users based on invitation

March 2016 the Ra Cluster is open for the selected internal PSI groups