Research at NIAG

Project Description Contact
NR in FC research Neutron radiography for in situ fuel cell diagnostics. Pierre Boillat
Neutron Microscope Development of high spatial resolution neutron detector Pavel Trtik
Wood NDT Non-destructive testing of wood using neutrons . David Mannes
Cork stoppers Water sorption kinetics of stoppers Eberhard Lehmann
Dynamic Neutron Radiography Time dependent neutron radiography: running engine Christian Gruenzweig
SoilQNI Correction methods for the quantitative evaluation of thermal neutron tomography . Eberhard Lehmann
MuhRec Framework for CT reconstruction: A module based framework for free configuration of preprocessing and backprojection algorithms . Anders Kaestner
NeutronGrating Interferometry Neutron grating interferometry for imaging magnetic structures in bulk ferromagnetic materials. Christian Gruenzweig
EnergySelective Energy selective neutron imaging in materials research. Steven Peetermans
DiffractionTomography Simultaneous neutron transmission and diffraction contrast tomography. Steven Peetermans
CulturalHeritage Neutron imaging for cultural heritage investigations. Eberhard Lehmann