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This is a radiography facility using a cold neutron energy spectrum. Its main features are a special setup for micro-tomography and the availability of a turbine wheel neutron energy selector for wavelength selective neutron imaging. Instrument homepage
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NEUTRA is a thermal neutron radiography facility. It provides a special setup NEURAP for the investigation of highly radioactive samples. Optionally a X-ray tube may be used for dual modality imaging with an identical illumination geometry. Instrument homepage
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POLDI is a novel type of time-of-flight diffractometer for strain-field scanning at PSI. The main advantage of this multiple pulse-overlap instrument is that it can be optimized to high flux and high resolution simultaneously. Instrument homepage
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Radioactive isotopes can be produced by neutron irradiation. There are two stations PNA and NAA using pneumatic delivery for positioning small amounts of target material into a high neutron flux region of SINQ. Homepage Activation