Laboratory for Scientific Computing and Modelling (LSM)

The new Laboratory for Scientific Computing and Modelling has been established on January 1, 2018 within PSI's research division for Nuclear Energy and Safety (NES) in collaboration with the division Research with Neutrons and Muons (NUM). It will bundle existing resources of PSI in Scientific Computing and Modelling. The topical areas of the new laboratory cover already a broad spectrum

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24 May 2018


ETH Medal for outstanding MSc thesis: Beam Characterization of Low Energy Electrons from a Laser Wakefield Accelerator by N. Sauerwein

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The characteristics of low energy electrons accelerated by a laser wakefield (Laser Wakefield Acceleration LWFA) has been studied. The work included understanding the acceleration process, setting up the experiment and measuring properties like charge, divergence and energy of the accelerated electrons. The experiment included diagnostics for the laser and the electrons. In order to make high-resolution energy distribution measurements with relative errors ∆E/E of below 10%, a tunable electron spectrometer has been designed, built and characterized. A tunable permanent magnet quadrupole triplet has been designed for stigmatic focusing in a range of 5 keV to 5 MeV. The thesis can be found here: MSc Thesis N. Sauerwein