Diffraction Support Page

The neutron diffraction group is operating the instruments HRPT, DMC, TriCS and Orion at the Swiss spallation neutron source SINQ. Please have a look on our Presentation of the Diffraction Instruments which includes scientific examples as well a an outlook to upgrades of instruments and new instruments.

General Diffraction References

230 space groups ( PSI domain only )
Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSD) (Secure Session / Login to IC SD / no name-PW) ( PSI domain only )
Springer Materials ( PSI domain only )
Magnetic Crystal Structure Database
Cambridge Data Base
SDBS: Organic Spectral Data Base (NMR,IR,..)
Scattering Lengths/Absorption Cross Sections
Calculator for neutrons absorption value
Periodic Table (1), Periodic Table (2)
Energy Converter
Yell: a program for diffuse scattering interpretation
Interpretation of 2D single crystal data
Local Database Server: PC in Office WHGA/133

Space Group References

Space-Groups (ORNL)
Space-Groups (Le Mans)
Common Crystal Lattice Structures
Super-Space: REMOS95
Super-Space-Group Finder (Nomenklatur/Symbol)
Symmetry elements of all space groups

Reference Pages for Crystallography and Magnetism

SpinW - Spin wave simulation library developed at PSI
ALPS project (Algorithms and Libraries for Physics Simulations)
Bilbao Crystallographic Server
Special Interest Group on Aperiodic Structures
Superspace Tools EPFL Lausanne
Test data on twinnning

Online-Journals, Libraries

PSI Online-Libraries
ETH Zurich, Bibliothek
IUCR, Acta Crystallographica
Posters, Seminars (LNS Intranet) ( PSI domain only )


X-ray-transmission calculator