Diffraction Programs on PC

PC-Software download from LNSA15 (FTP, user=lnslib, pw=.. , directory=pclnslib), the NT-group account G:3300 (Diffraction-Software) or directly from the ccp-14 site (Collaborative Computational Project Number 14) or DMOZ (open directory project).
Free software unless indicated
Code 3300
: Software download from disk lnswin or lnsmac, access: LNS-Staff (group 3300)

General Diffraction Programs (in brackets: LNS contact person)

Atoms : Structure plots and powder pattern simulation Download, Manual (PSI domain only)
DrawXT : Structure plots Download, Manual
Diamond : Structure plots and powder pattern simulation (3300) (PSI domain only)
Cryscon : Change of input format for different programs Download, Manual (PSI domain only)
Match : Database search for matching powder data (D. Sheptyakov, restricted to 1 PC) (PSI domain only)
Mody : Magnetic groups and representations Download
Sarah : Magnetic groups and representations Download
Crystals: Powder Refinment, Structure Plots Download
Creduc: Search for primitive cell
spcgrp: Spacegroups and its elements (3300)
Missym: Search for missing symmetry elements
Cdfile: Support program for myssym and creduc
Cdedit: Support program for myssym and creduc
FOX: Structure solution/refinement from NPD, Xray (direct method) Download, Manual
EXPO: Automatic structure determination from powder data Download, Manual
FIT: Program to fit any data (3300)
LATEX(Miktex)/Editor(TeXnicCenter) (3300)
OpenDX (3300) (PSI domain only)

Powder Diffraction Programs

Fullprof : Refinement of neutron- and X-ray diffraction data Download, Manual/Tutorials, Input-File
Lazy Pulverix: Simulation of powder patterns for X-ray/neutrons Info (not available for PC anymore)
Powdercell: Multiphase Analysis using Database Structures Download, Manual

Single Crystal Diffraction Programs

Jana2000 : Refinement of single crystal data Download, Manual, Manual to Print
Orient-Express: Indexing of Laue-pictures Download-Page or ZIP-file

Access to PSI-computers through private internet provider (Schefer):

Start first your connection to your privat internet provider. Afterwards, start VPN, Putty and WINX-32.
VPN : Secure VPN connection to 129.129.xxx.xxx computers. Download (PSI domain only)
Putty : Telnet and SSH-client Download
Xming: Mirrors X-windows to your home computer (replaces X-Win32) Download or (3300)
X-Win602sf: Mirrors X-windows from sites 129.129.xxx (3300, License key: ask H. Heer) (PSI domain only)
AFS Installation: NT/2000 / XP, Update clients: AFS for XP
WinSCP: Secure-FTP-Client for XP (3300)
SFTP : Java-client SFTP-Start
LATEX(Miktex)/Editor(TeXnicCenter) (3300)