Sample project of using HERACLES-TDB in GEMS

1.System composition

Certainly the composition of the system depends on the fuel burnup: one can found the other examples of FP inventories in irradiated UO2 fuel of different burnup here.

2. Elemental speciation under Normal Conditions

Final results will be given in the Table as a mole fracltion x (for condenced phases) or partial preassure lga (for gases).
After you finished calculation of speciation under normal conditions and for calculations under elevated temperature go to Process Simulation in GEMS Menu.

3. Elemental speciation under Elevated Temperature Conditions

Basically one can look for all the species available in the database. However, when the system is too complex its better to define the limited nimber of species to be traced.

On Step 5 chose option to "Safe the generated SysEq records" in order to have SysEq files for each temperature step. Finish Process setup.

When Process setup is completed, the record pages look like this:

Safe the process record and start calculation.

4. Data Output and Export

GEMS has an option to show calculated graph in a real time.
It's also possible to make a fragmentation of the graph by rescaling the diagramm in Customize option

After calculation is completed, the data can be exported in the Excel, Origin, etc. for further data manipulations.
Simply mark the data in the table and copy them into the other file.

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