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4 avril 2022
Blick in die magnetische Zukunft

Aperçu de l’avenir magnétique

Communiqués de presse Recherche avec la lumière synchrotron Recherche sur les matériaux

Des chercheurs du PSI observent pour la première fois un comportement spécifique de la glace magnétique.

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20 novembre 2020
Single femtosecond laser pulse excitation of individual cobalt  nanoparticles

Single femtosecond laser pulse excitation of individual cobalt nanoparticles

The interaction of light and magnetism at the nanoscale is a topic of fundamental interest and with potential impact to future spintronics applications. in this work we address theoretically and experimentally the effect of femtosecond laser pulse excitation on the magnetic, structural, and chemical stability of individual magnetic cobalt nanoparticles including the role of the substrate or matrix. Eventually, we discuss possible pathways to achieve laser-induced magnetic switching in individual nanostructures.

This work has been highlighted as "Editors' Suggestion" in Physical Review B.

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28 septembre 2020

Remote Operation of the PEEM Endstation

We have recently upgraded the PEEM endstation at the SIM beamline to enable remotely controlled experiments via internet and mailed-in samples. Sample positioning and tilt control is now possible by means of a motorized sample stage. A newly developed computer controlled switchbox is available for remote temperature control and in situ application of electric or magnetic fields to the sample.

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28 septembre 2020
Novel Optics

Novel optics enable better X-ray Free Electron Laser experiments

Our research on multifocus off-axis zone plates was accepted in “Optica”, the highest impact journal of the Optical Society of America. In the paper we report on different ways to combine focusing and beam-splitting functionalities in one single optical element.

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14 septembre 2020
Microwave excitation leads to a magnetic cascade

Magnon Modes of Microstates and Microwave-Induced Avalanche in Kagome Artificial Spin Ice with Topological Defects

In this work the spin dynamics of microstates in artificial spin ice (ASI) in Ni81Fe19 nanomagnets arranged in an interconnected kagome lattice has been investigated using microfocus Brillouin light scattering, broadband ferromagnetic resonance, magnetic force microscopy, x-ray photoemission electron microscopy, and micromagnetic simulations. The findings are key for the creation of avalanches inside the kagome ASI and reprogrammable magnonics based on ASIs.

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