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28 novembre 2023
G.V. Shivashankar, Leiter des Labors für Biologie im Nanobereich am PSI

Reprogramming tissue mechanically

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Scientists at PSI have used mechanical stimuli to turn connective tissue cells into stem-cell-like cells and transplanted these into damaged skin tissue. This speeds up the regeneration of the skin and the healing of wounds.

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8 novembre 2023
Krankheiten an der Wurzel packen

Grasping diseases by the roots

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PSI researchers take pictures of cell nuclei using modern high-resolution imaging techniques, employ learning algorithms to comb through these data, and thus can more reliably identify anomalies.

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16 octobre 2023
Krankheiten an der Wurzel packen

More than just a support structure

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Each cell in the human body contains a cytoskeleton. Contrary to what the name suggests, the cytoskeleton is far more than just a support structure.

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4 octobre 2023
Eintauchen ins Zellskelett

Immerse yourself in the cytoskeleton

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The cytoskeleton is a little marvel. Probing it promises to reveal, among other things, new possibilities for cancer therapy.

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26 septembre 2023
Adrian Wanner

Deciphering the secrets of the brain

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A place for cutting-edge research: PSI researchers to receive comprehensive funding from the US NIH for their brain research.

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15 juin 2023

Hairy cells: How cilia’s motor works

Understanding this motion may help to tackle health problems that affect cilia, which range from fertility issues to lung disease and COVID-19.

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20 février 2023
Medikamente mit Licht an- und abschalten

Using light to switch drugs on and off

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PSI researchers record a molecular film of a cancer drug fitted with a photoswitch. This opens new insights for drug developers.

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9 décembre 2022
Image: Adobe Stock

Imaging biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease

Artificial intelligence pinpoints cells indicative of Alzheimer’s disease based on DNA packing in mouse brain images, shows study in Nature Communications

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