ponomarev.jpg Alexander PONOMAREV / PhD
Static and transient analysis of Sodium Fast Reactors.
Performed in frame of the ARDECo and ESFR-SMART projects.
Started in May 2017

zhang.jpg Youpeng ZHANG / PhD
Transient analysis of liquid-metal fast reactors.
Performed in frame of IAEA CRP on Benchmark Analyses of an EBR-II Shutdown Heat Removal Test.
Started in August 2012
Completed in July 2015.
fiorina.jpg Carlo FIORINA / PhD
Neutronic analysis of the gas-cooled accelerator-driven system fuelled with sphere-pack fuel
Supported by the CCEM MeAWaT project (Methods of Advanced Waste Treatment)
Started in May, 2013
Completed in April 2015
bortot.jpg Sara BORTOT / PhD
Transient analysis of the ASTRID sodium-cooled fast-spectrum reactor core behaviour at different fuel cycle stages under sodium boiling accidental conditions with the FAST code system
Supported by the PSI-FELLOW/COFUND program.
Started in March, 2013
Completed in January 2015
blank.jpg Elena MAROVA / PhD
Neutronics of low-temperature gas-cooled fast reactor
Supported by the NES grant.
Completed in April 2009.
blanchet.jpg David BLANCHET / PhD
Further development of the FAST code system and transient analysis for gas-cooled fast reactor.
Completed in October 2008.
krepel.jpg Jiri KREPEL / PhD
Development of equilibrium fuel cycle procedure.
Supported by the NES grant.
Completed in February 2008.
blank.jpg Evaldas BUBELIS / PhD
Transient analysis of lead-bismuth-cooled accelerator driven systems
Completed in May 2007.