Experimental Reactor Physics (ERP)

Exp. Reactor Physics in LRT is dedicated to provide experimental data and their analysis to improve reactor physics knowledge and expertise. This includes providing experiments for advanced and future generation reactor concepts and for improvement of Light Water Reactors (LWR) fuel economy and operational margins. Experiments also served as integral validation for nuclear data and the reduction of their uncertainties.

These missions have been fulfilled up until 2012 mainly through the use of the unique zero-power research reactor PROTEUS located at PSI. Dedicated experimental programmes to advanced concepts (GCFR, HCLWR, and HTR) and to modern LWRs and their spent fuel have been carried out since 1968.

Today, after the shutdown of PROTEUS, the research activities of the groups have been re-oriented towards better using PSI, Swiss and international facilities through partnerships and cooperations, continuing analysing PROTEUS data for code validation, shifting activities to the CROCUS zero-power reactor at EPFL and reinforcing its role in education.