Renaissance Bronze Sculptures

The investigation of Renaissance bronze sculptures from the collection of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (The Netherlands) was performed by neutron tomography at the NEUTRA facility at SINQ, PSI, in the years 2004 – 2009. Based on the obtained volume data, the NIAG group created the 13 animations with the aim to visualize the outer shape and the inner content (casting remains, clay cores, stabilizers, added materials from restauration). In this way, the whole structure becomes transparent and available for further non-destructive analysis.

Bust of a man

Severo Calcetta da Ravenna (1465 / 1475 - before 1538), model by Antonio Lombardo (C. 1458 - 1516).

Grotesque Animal 1

Netherlands (Arent van Bolten?), C. 1600

Grotesque Animal 2

Arent or Arnold van Bolten Bolten C. 1573 - before 1633

Hercules and Antaeus

Padua, C. 1500


Hendrick de Keyser, 1565 - 1621

Nessus and Deianeira

Casper Gras, 1585 - 1674


Workshop of Severo da Ravenna

Perfume burner

Desiderio da Firenze, 1532 - 1545

She-wolf with Romulus and Remus

Rome or Florence, late 15th or early 16th century


Johan Gregor van der Schardt (1530 - after 1581)

Striding Nobleman

Netherlands or Germany, C. 1580 - 1600


Tiziano Aspetti, called Minio, 1511/12 - 1552

Venus holding an apple

Niccolò Roccatagliata, C. 1560 - C. 1636