About the Catalysis for Energy Group (CEG)

The Catalysis for Energy Group started in the late '80s as one of the first research groups worldwide to explore the urea-SCR process for NOx reduction in mobile Diesel engines. Ever since we are conducting research and development projects on different aspects of this fascinating technology, ranging from basic research up to applications at real Diesel engines and stationary power plants:
  • SCR catalyst research and development: V2O5/WO3-TiO2, iron- and copper-exchanged zeolites, rare earth metal oxides
  • SCR chemistry: Standard-SCR reaction, Fast-SCR reaction, NO2-SCR reaction
  • Hydrolysis catalysts for urea and alternative liquid NH3 precursor compounds
  • Catalytic and non-catalytic urea decomposition
  • Alternative liquid NH3 precursor compounds
  • Development of NH3 generators for mobile applications
  • V-emissions of V-based catalysts
  • NH3 oxidation, N2O formation, NH4NO3 formation and decomposition, SO2 oxidation and HC oxidation
We are also active in other exhaust gas cleaning technologies:
  • Oxidation catalysts
  • Three-way catalysts
  • Methane oxidation (stoichiometric and lean)
and are interested in other topics such as
  • Catalysis by perovskite-type oxides
  • Liquid-phase heterogeneous catalysts
  • Soot oxidation
  • SOx storage
We develop spectroscopy and diffraction capabilities (cells, modulation experiments, time-resolved experiments, etc.) for operando analysis of catalysts and functional materials in gas and liquid environments. We use IR, Raman and UV-vis spectroscopies as well as synchrotron based methods such as X-ray diffraction, X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopies to obtain complementary information on the catalyst structure and the adsorbates under reaction conditions. We cooperate tightly with the Operando Spectroscopy Group, which operates the SuperXAS beamline at SLS. We have a strong background in chemistry, analytics, catalysis and spectroscopy, which we use to elucidate reaction networks and mechanisms with the aim to develop novel catalysts. With this competence we have broadened in recent years our activities from exhaust gas catalysis towards catalyst development for energy conversion processes in general to support the research activities of the Bioenergy and Catalysis Laboratory (LBK), of the Energy and Environment Research Division (ENE) and of other groups within and outside PSI.

In the last years we have cooperated with more than 40 companies worldwide in the field of exhaust gas catalysis: ABB, Abgaszentrum der Deutschen Automobilindustrie (ADA), Alantum, Alstom, Alzchem, AVL, BASF, SKW Piesteritz, Agrolinz Melamine International, Caterpillar, ClearEdge, Cristal Global, Daimler, Ecocat, Emitec, erphi electronic, Ceram, Grundfos, Hilite, IMI Vision, Interkat, IVECO, Kemira, Liebherr, MAN, Wacker, Fuchs Lubricants, Ciba Speciality Chemicals, Yara, MEL Chemicals, MTU, Rhodia, S&B Industrial Minerals, Süd-Chemie, Swenox, Tenneco, Umicore, Volkswagen, Zeochem, Treibacher Industrie, Hug Engineering and FPT.

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