X06SA (PXI) Beamline Calendar

  • There are three calls for proposals per year; for the scheduling periods January trough April, May through August and September through December.
  • Users who are interested in performing experiments at PXI are encouraged to contact the beamline scientists prior to proposal submission.
  • Proposals have to be submitted using the Digital Users Office (DUO).
  • Important deadlines for proposal submissions can be found at SLS Proposal Calls.
PX beamlines Call schedule
Experimental Period 2019-II 2020-I
Call 2019/03/08 2019/09/08
Submission deadline 2019/04/15 2019/10/15
Start period 2019/07/01 2020/01/01
End period, Normal/Test/Pilot 2019/12/31 2020/06/30
End period, Long term 2021/06/30 2021/12/31
EVALUATION closed closed
Beamline for Academic Users Industrial Users
Morning Shift 09:00 - 17:00 09:00 - 17:00
Evening Shift 17:00 - 01:00 17:00 - 01:00
Night Shift 01:00 - 09:00 01:00 - 09:00ALERT!


Please note that the entire shift is 8 h but the actual measurement time officially starts one hour after the allocated shift starting time to allow setup and loading/removing of pucks in the robot sample changer. Still, the local contact will let you know if you are able to start earlier.


ALERT!Note that due to machine shifts, the Night Shift from Monday to Tuesday ends already at 7 AM Tuesday morning. This also applies to Night Shifts preceding shutdowns.
  • Single shift request is more likely to be scheduled on shift I (day shift) and double shifts request on shifts II and III (evening and night shifts).
  • The beamtime has to be cancelled at latest 2 weeks in advance, otherwise the shifts will be fully deduced from the number of available shifts.
  • In case the user provides a substitute with a valid proposal within the 2 week period the shifts will be deduced from the proposal of the substitute.
  • The same rules and cancellation period hold for proprietary beamtime, with the difference that the shifts will be charged to the customer even if they are not used.
  • The information about shift cancellations must be sent to the responsible beamline staff as well as to the local contact of the corresponding date if already assigned.
  • The duration of the shift comprises setup of the beamline and possible loading/removing of samples in the robot.