Beamline infrastructure

Most standard equipment required for sample manipulation and mounting is available for users in the labs next to the beamlines. However, specific requests for non standard equipment and reagents need to be made in advance through the local contacts.
  • Space in storage dewar under liquid nitrogen (available on request)
  • 18°C storage rooms at beamlines X06SA and X10SA
  • A 4°C cold room in the lab of the MX group (available on request)
  • An ice machine located at beamline X10SA

Post-crystallization treatment tools

  • Cryo pistols are available at beamlines X06SA and X10SA. They can be used to remove surface ice on crystals mounted in loops.
  • An Oxford Xe pressure cell for producing Xe derivatized crystals is available on request.
    Please notify your local contact in advance if you wish to use this device.
  • A number of standard chemicals, precipitants and cryo protecting agents is available on request in the lab of the MX group.
  • Heavy atom waste buckets are located in the labs of PX beamlines.
  • Containers for solvent and halogenated solvent waste are located in the lab of the MX group and are available on request.
Products available in the lab WSLA/026.