STARS Swiss Simulation Platform (SwissP) - Methods and Tools

A main objective of the STARS activities is the establishment of multi-physics and/or multi-scale computational schemes along with uncertainty quantification methodologies. Thereby a large fraction of the research relates to the development of SwissP specific platforms/modules aimed at coupling/linking the various codes/models such as to achieve systematic and integrated schemes as starting point for the best-estimate analyses with uncertainty quantifications. The main SwissP platforms, modules and methodologies currently under development and testing are listed below along with a short description of their purpose.
Code Scope within STARS SwissP
CMSYS PSI Core Management SYStem for development and validation of CASMO/SIMULATE Swiss reference core analysis methodologies
PMSYS PSI Plant Management SYStem for development and validation of TRACE Swiss reference plant system analysis methodologies
FMSYS PSI Fuel Management SYStem for development and validation of FALCON Swiss reference fuel behaviour analysis methodologies
BOHR Bundle Operating History Reconstruction module for model coupling to Falcon/nTRACER/MCNP
COBALT loop System of modules for COnsolidated Best-estimate plus uncertainty Analysis of Lwr Transients
COMPLINK Module for pin-wise nuclide COMPosition data LINKage between CMSYS and MCNP full core models
HDS Hybrid deterministic/stochastic Depletion Scheme based on CASMO-5/Serpent coupling
SerpL Module for Serpent few-group nuclear data Linkage with SIMULATE core models
SOURCE4MC Computation scheme for CASMO/SIMULATE volumetric SOURCE transfer for MCNP core models
SHARK-X PSI methodology for cross-section (Xs) and nuclear data uncertainty propagation with CASMO-5
SHARK-RMB PSI methodology for propagation of Reactor operation, Manufacturing tolerances and Burnup induced uncertainties with CASMO-5
NUSS-RF PSI methodology for nuclear data uncertainty quantification and global sensitivity analysis for MCNP calculations
MTUQ PSI methodology for Manufacturing and Technological Uncertainty Quantification in MCNP calculation